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A direct way toward awakening
A direct way toward awakening

The cours's material :

This course is based upon the study and practice of the books' series Happiness is free… and it is easier than you think. Five little books full of great treasures. These texts are coming from courses that Lester Levenson used to give, possibly before the creation of the Sedona Method. They have been published for the first time between 2001 - 2003, with a presentation and commentaries written by Hale Dwoskin. A new electronic edition was made in the beginning of this year.

You will need them in order to participate to this course. You will find them in various commun electronic formats, such as pdf, epub, kindle and so forth.

For each week of each course, you will also receive a pdf file with the exercises to explore and other information.

Once a month, all the attendants will be invited to a Skype conference. Each attendant will also have a release partner to share the exercises and processes at a rate they decide.

Assistance and support will be granted by mail and phone.

It is highly recommended to write a diary during the course, in order to integrate your experiences.

Know-how and style :

This kind of course is probably one of the best ways to simulate a teaching situation with Lester Levenson. His particular written style — the English of the 60ties and 70ties — always very lively and direct, has already its own charm.

In this particular setting, you will naturally develop a great confidence in your practice of the Sedona Method, as well as in you capacity to evolve and change. You may be amazed at the results.

The regular practice of the weekly exercises becomes naturally easy thanks to the continuous follow up, since you are not alone in the journey. You are in a team and there are people with whom you can share your experiences, hear theirs, and so forth. Working at your own pace with a release partner is also a wonderful resource.


There will be 8 to 10 attendants

You apply for a period of 10 weeks (one book at a time) or for more. The books are studies in the natural order. A period of 10 weeks for each books allows for a one year course and grants enough time so that every one can go at his or her own rhythm.

Fees : Donations, just as you feel.  

Please, find the application form here.

Il y a toujours un chemin où aller
Il y a toujours un chemin où aller

L'hypnose éricksonienne, la PNL et la Méthode Sedona se complètent mutuellement. Ce sont des ressources, des savoir-faire qui vous aident à changer et à vous épanouir en harmonie avec les autres et avec votre environnement.

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